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How We Work

Consultation and Analysis

We prefer to consult with clients directly in order to gauge their requirements. We also like to find out as much as we can about the subject matter, whether it is a business or a private concern, in order to quote realistically with regard to project proposals.

Design and Implementation

Once we have reached consensus with our clients regarding the details of the project at hand, we proceed with its design and implementation using the best techniques and materials at our disposal. Sometimes this involves the subcontracting of certain aspects of projects to relevant experts. At all times during the design and implementation of a project we keep the client informed of progress.

Maintenance And Support

Ongoing maintenance and support is necessary for the proper functioning of web sites and email servers. We provide various levels of support and maintenance, negotiable on an individual project basis. All of our hosted domains are backed up several times a day as a matter of course, and we strive to have 100% uptime, as far as possible.

Web Hosting

We host straight HTML, WordPress CMS, Joomla CMS, Drupal CMS or other types of customised websites, including Ecommerce solutions. Any domains may be hosted.

Email Services

We offer webmail, POP3 and IMAP email server access. All mailboxes are securely backed up daily.


We offer secure email facilities and proactive website security. Your email data and web pages are securely backed up daily to offsite servers. SSL certification of sites is standard.

Site Maintenance

Ask us about our site maintenance service. For a nominal fee we will keep your website up to date with due attention to SEO aspects.

We strive to get “A” ratings on the Qualys SSL Labs Server security protocol tests for all of our hosted domains.

We use the great service offered by ipinfo.io to help in our efforts to keep unwanted intruders away from our servers. They offer accurate information regarding IP addresses and domains, which we find invaluable.